Collection 2015

FW 2015

Ethnic style and haute couture harmoniously blend in the Monica Rindi and Jolie Collections by Rindi, inspired by women who love the luxury of decoration and elegance in vibrant, fiery shades.

“Iconic women” with an unconventional allure, such as Iris Apfel and Klimt’s sophisticated figures, create the style standards that the creative view of the Collections is imbued with.

Elegance and distinction, two ubiquitous standards in the contemporary, cosmopolitan style oozed by the Monica Rindi and Jolie Collections, where Iris Barrel Apfel has aptly been chosen as the inspiring muse because of her offbeat allure: still regarded as one of the best dressed women in the world, an American businesswoman of Russian descent, a jewellery and textile designer, a journalist and a pundit, a great “fashion influencer” with a very personal style that’s a mix of bohemian and haute couture.

Creative ideas translated into the mink and fox pieces of the Monica Rindi Collection, elegant and lush in their fits but also “romantically beautiful” in their appearance, with hints of eccentricity in the glossy Mongolia and alpaca details that add an uneven frayed finish to the hems.

The ranges of dyes in the Monica Rindi and Rindi Collections reference Rothko’s monochromes, available in noir, eclipse, prune and lux red, with touches of warmer hues, such as gold fox and shot fox, gracefully falling into step with some pieces in the pure, ethereal shades of peony platinum and water lily, inspired by the famous Vienna-born artist’s painting “The Kiss”.

Quite sophisticatedly, the Jolie Collection is a name and a street style, instead, in shades of alga green, lagoon, Caravaggio blue, liquorice and spring brown.

The soul of the Collections is imbued with the ubiquitous elegance of the “frame”-patterned linings, with printed silk patchworks and ribbons.

“Tailor-made” trimmings embody sartorial craftsmanship in the construction of these pieces, such as subtle suede and snakeskin “threads” and oversized buttonhole stitches in the piping and belts, or reworked as stitch-stoppers in cashmere sheared mink, inspired by Klimt’s mosaic friezes.

Inlaid patterns on mink and patent leather or on sable with “paisley”- and “butterfly”-printed suede quote the abstract curls of Art Nouveau-like animals.

Extremely chic, with some unusual touches, the new concept of the volumes and fits is embodied by the pieces in the Collections, with cape vests, slim-fit trench coats, blade-cut deep roll collars, little egg-shaped jackets and parkas, built around mink with fox details.

A bent for elegance and sophistication is the keyword of the entire Rindi Collection, a tribute to the artistry of Italy’s Haute Fourrure. Precious sable and chinchilla decorate these pieces, creating inlaid patterns and valuable finishes.

Opulent finishes on mink fur, embroidered in “needle-tufted” patterns and rouge-noir damask in lush colours, artistically add a finishing touch to these Collections.

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