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Collection 2019


Rindi’s FW collection perfectly blends streetwear with haute couture, creating pieces with an urban touch thanks to their original shapes, materials and colours, designed for the eclectic, anti-conformist, modern woman.

By designing clothes that are as inspired by sportswear as much as luxury wear, the Tuscan brand created a collection that gives a brand new meaning and interpretation to streetwear. With the new trends inspired by flashy logos and 80s-90s sportswear, Rindi’s collection is as relevant as ever, giving the brand an icon-like status. 

Rindi gives a new meaning to femininity, one that is as iconic as it is contemporary, thanks to its astute combination of edge-cutting materials, ideas and technique. 

By its constant desire to re-invent themselves and create new, fresh pieces, Rindi created Rindi 24K, a line that re-thinks and re-interprets iconic clothes by embroidering them with gold. The capsule collection includes pieces made with a mix of fabrics such as fox, mink and sable, all made unique by the addition of gold.

Collection 2018

RinDi goes on putting a personal spin on a western-inspired woman, a sort of cowgirl, led by research and elegance.

The colour palette, from chocolate to desert, is a succession of shades that are paired with Chassis red, leather, army green and midnight blue, in block colours on mink, patterns inspired by geometric shapes, the Bayadère intarsia and the Animal intarsia with hummingbirds and a reproduction of a dog, in tribute to the Chinese Year of the Dog.

Velvet for padded jackets with a fur-lined hood, the icon of functional urban elegance, transparent PVC as rain-proofing for sable and chinchilla, as well as details to add shine and high-tech three-dimensionality.

Modern and contemporary, sophisticated and distinctive: this is RinDi’s Collection.

Collection 2017

Fur Couture and quintessential tradition are the common denominator in the 2017 Collection by Rindi. The Collection is rooted into tradition. The craftsmanship of precious tanning processes and leather finishes is embodied by Rindi’s iconic modern pieces, unmistakable in their allure and in the style of their shapes and details.

Fur, First Love.

Collection 2016


Into the white. Lunar atmosphere in the most sensual version merges into fluid and soft forms that envelop a feminine but strong character, inspired by Debbie Harry, an icon of style of 80s, singer and actress close to artists such as Andy Warhol and William Gibson, who wanted to immortalize its allure with pictures and music that is no coincidence harked back to her lunar soul.

Collection 2015

FW 2015

Ethnic style and haute couture harmoniously blend in the Monica Rindi and Jolie Collections by Rindi, inspired by women who love the luxury of decoration and elegance in vibrant, fiery shades.

“Iconic women” with an unconventional allure, such as Iris Apfel and Klimt’s sophisticated figures, create the style standards that the creative view of the Collections is imbued with.

Elegance and distinction, two ubiquitous standards in the contemporary, cosmopolitan style oozed by the Monica Rindi and Jolie Collections, where Iris Barrel Apfel has aptly been chosen as the inspiring muse because of her offbeat allure: still regarded as one of the best dressed women in the world, an American businesswoman of Russian descent, a jewellery and textile designer, a journalist and a pundit, a great “fashion influencer” with a very personal style that’s a mix of bohemian and haute couture.

Creative ideas translated into the mink and fox pieces of the Monica Rindi Collection, elegant and lush in their fits but also “romantically beautiful” in their appearance, with hints of eccentricity in the glossy Mongolia and alpaca details that add an uneven frayed finish to the hems.

The ranges of dyes in the Monica Rindi and Rindi Collections reference Rothko’s monochromes, available in noir, eclipse, prune and lux red, with touches of warmer hues, such as gold fox and shot fox, gracefully falling into step with some pieces in the pure, ethereal shades of peony platinum and water lily, inspired by the famous Vienna-born artist’s painting “The Kiss”.

Quite sophisticatedly, the Jolie Collection is a name and a street style, instead, in shades of alga green, lagoon, Caravaggio blue, liquorice and spring brown.

The soul of the Collections is imbued with the ubiquitous elegance of the “frame”-patterned linings, with printed silk patchworks and ribbons.

“Tailor-made” trimmings embody sartorial craftsmanship in the construction of these pieces, such as subtle suede and snakeskin “threads” and oversized buttonhole stitches in the piping and belts, or reworked as stitch-stoppers in cashmere sheared mink, inspired by Klimt’s mosaic friezes.

Inlaid patterns on mink and patent leather or on sable with “paisley”- and “butterfly”-printed suede quote the abstract curls of Art Nouveau-like animals.

Extremely chic, with some unusual touches, the new concept of the volumes and fits is embodied by the pieces in the Collections, with cape vests, slim-fit trench coats, blade-cut deep roll collars, little egg-shaped jackets and parkas, built around mink with fox details.

A bent for elegance and sophistication is the keyword of the entire Rindi Collection, a tribute to the artistry of Italy’s Haute Fourrure. Precious sable and chinchilla decorate these pieces, creating inlaid patterns and valuable finishes.

Opulent finishes on mink fur, embroidered in “needle-tufted” patterns and rouge-noir damask in lush colours, artistically add a finishing touch to these Collections.

Collection 2014

Creativity takes centre stage in the Monica Rindi Collection, a glamorous liaison between the proportions of extra-long pieces, bravely inspired by punkish echoes and an unusual tribute to Pop Art, in transparent prints on knitted fox and mink.

A few quirky touches in the harmonious details, the colour palette of nude and opalescent shades, ironically paired with the deeply dark and nocturnal shades of fox and mink.

Glints of light are reflected by the starry embroideries on the “super white” pieces. An unmistakably Art Rock style for a Collection that steals the show, becoming, in the symbolism of design, a perfectly spectacular “icon-fur” Collection.

In the RinDI Collection, the phrase “the art of luxury” becomes versatile and futuristic in the overflowing style of each piece.

Visionary elegance, in the volumes and proportions.

Sophisticated experimentations with dyes, for fox, mink and chinchilla. Artistically smooth is the alternation of nude and nocturnal colours. The language of the “new style” pieces is ultimate sophistication, enhanced by the metallic glints of sable and lynx-dyed fox.

Attractively versatile in the outstanding “couture” finishes that, like works of art, cuddle and embellish the “charming” pieces of the Collection.

Distinctiveness and dynamism make the Art-fur di Jolie Collection by Rindi so forward-looking. The painted nuances of fox and the colour palette of mink and sable, in tribute to Kandisky, resound in the research and exploration of new architectural volumes for these pieces, making the silhouette experimental in its proportions. Oversized collars doubling up as hoods and the willowy design of the Gold Rose openings on sleeves inlaid with Persian lamb make these pieces flow to an unprecedented beat. Plexiglas coils wind around two-colored Xiangao lamb with decorative effects. Encrustations of hand-embroidered sequins on double-layer cashmere and spindly fox, or on velvet mink bring back the tradition of fine craftsmanship and turn the Collection into an eclectic, glamorous style.