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Creativity, research and an infinite love for the “handmade” are the constant that distinguishes Rindi s.p.a., a leading Tuscan company in the fur business. The high level of know-how and experience matured over the years have led Rindi to expand its brand internationally, to be appreciated by the most exclusive clients looking for innovation and tradition, combined in unique garments and products, all strictly Made in Italy.
The desire of research and experimentation, led Rindi to undertake a new exciting mission aimed at uniting the two worlds of luxury par excellence: the fusion of fur haute-couture with 24kt gold.
An innovative technological process, which has involved years for its development and which has made it possible to transform 24kt gold from a solid state to a plasma state, through a process of very high vacuum perfectly fused with the upper layer of the fur.
Thus a uniform and resistant coating has been created that does not alter the consistency,
surface or texture of the material: in a sentence “a jewel of fur”.
A fascinating process that gave birth to the new capsule collection VENTIQUATTROKARATI by Rindi: a new concept of gold, a new concept of luxury, a new way of conceiving fur, which sees for the first time the creation of a collection of furnishing accessories.
Wonderful bedspreads accompanied by glorious cushions, enriched with floral motifs and inlays, embroideries and lasers, combinations that leave amazed by the wise care of craftsmanship combined with harmony and originality of design directed by Alberto Bartalini.




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